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My all inclusive

Welcome to a world of choice. The challenge with choice is one can be overwhelmed with options. I resolve this by offering a one size fits all package. For me, the simpler the better and that’s why my services are wrapped up into one charming package – my all-in-one experience.

I don’t find myself limited to just the GFE and PSE or even kink and fetish, if you’re so inclined. I’m open to all kinds of sexual experiences and I like having the option to get freaky if the opportunity arises. Don’t be misled into believing that my sexual confidence eclipses my caring and gentle nature. I am, in my barest form, a GFE provider: kind, sensual and passionate with an open mind and an accepting attitude. 

I don’t like the constraints of having too many price points for different services, or hidden costs, I’d much rather see where our date takes us. That is why my services are best described as an all-inclusive GFE Porn Star experience. How much you splurge is your choice, how little or much you choose to indulge is to your discretion. You might like to keep things vanilla, you might want to unleash their primal side. I’m just happy to be with you for the ride.

With my all-in-one experience I find it’s best not to have too many expectations. I encourage you to let me know in the booking form of any sexual experiences or activities you’d like to try, but otherwise, trust that I’m a master at creating a spicy and enlightening atmosphere that’ll allow your base instincts to come to life. 

In my all-in-one experience you’ll first find yourself put to ease with my quick tongue and cheery attitude. Soon you’ll be panting, sweating, quivering and in a body so alive you’re almost unrecognisable. You’ll be entertained by my flexible and strong core, beating and squeezing life into you. By the end, you’ll feel the release and content you’ve been longing for all this time.

My signature experience


+61 487 367 960

Client Love

"From the moment I opened the door Marley had me captivated, Gorgeous and instantly put me at ease with her banter.
I had requested a specific service and she provided exactly what I needed.
Time moved fast and I had to book another hour right on the spot. True professional, True GFE, the next few days have my thoughts still stuck on our time together. I will be booking again every chance I get."

- Marley Blaze


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