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Marley Blaze

I’m Marley. I possess a unique blend of worldly wisdom and country naïveté. In addition to being a complete sexpot, I’ve been described as intelligent, open-minded, daring, and fun to be around. In my downtime I’m a quirky, nerdy girl who likes nothing more than playing online games or snuggling on the couch watching sci-fi movies. Offbeat stuff like crypto fascinates me.


Born in Hawaii, I’m American by birth and I’m deliciously dark, with golden mocha skin tones and long dark flowing hair. I speak with a soft American accent. Petite and athletic, I am as lithesome and flexible as a gymnast. I weigh only 53 kgs dripping wet, with perky DD breasts and a taut spankable bottom. Keeping my body toned and in shape by pole dancing, training in the gym, and running through the Park, I possess more than enough stamina to last the distance when we act out every one of your wildest fantasies.

0487 367 960 text me now xx

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Get to Know me Better

I’m completely at ease talking with people from different cultures and backgrounds, invariably finding them fascinating. I’ve done some travelling through the US and Australia and like exploring new cultures and meeting people from far flung, exotic places. I have a knack for always finding common ground. Perhaps it’s just part of my compassionate nature to really want to get you, to understand what lights that fire in you and more importantly what turns it down.

My secret thrill is listening to your kinkiest fantasies, the ones that you’ve always wanted to try, but were too private or too shy to play out. Invite me into your fantasy and see where this adventure takes us. I like to learn what turns you on so I can find new ways to bring you to the brink. I love discovering what makes your toes curl and your mind explode. What will give you the utmost pleasure? Let’s try that.

Pic wearing a little leather or a strap-on? With me, you will always have uncensored, uninhibited sexual expression. There are no taboo topics. You can ask me anything. I don’t judge. Put away any pre-conceived notions you might have, give in to your fear of the unknown and take a step towards your own liberation. There is no such thing as shame, no anguish, no remorse when you’re with me. Life’s too short and all that negativity is too exhausting.


I will eagerly guide you to act out your every desire and not only will I match your expectations, I will introduce a few of my own personal naughty touches. I have an insatiable appetite for scandalous pleasure of all kinds — from intimacy and sensuality, to passion and kink, and I love to share.


If, like me, you’re ready for authentic, genuine, fun and sexy experiences with like-minded individuals, I assure you that I will leave a lasting impression on you and keep you coming back for more. I don’t want to be your one and only, I just want to be on your fuck list. Don’t you think it’s time you had a taste of this deliciously ripe forbidden fruit? Let’s chat when you're ready to get a little freaky. Call me when you’re looking for something more exotic than the boring girl next door.

0487 367 960


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Client Testimonials

"Amazing personality and fluid. One of the few that can hold a great conversation and brainy whilst intimacy is on top of her list. Blaze can communicate very well on every level. Loves to please and be pleased. Worth every minute...or should I say, at least a visit is nothing less than a must! I absolutely love our time together! Wish you live here babe x" 

- Marley Blaze

Exotic Erotic Ebony

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